Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Note from Scott Russell Sanders on Earth Day

On Earth Day, here I am adding to the flow of messages through your inbox, in order to let you know that my new book, A Conservationist Manifesto, has just risen into the daylight, along with sprouts in my Indiana garden. You will find a description and early reviews of the book at my website.

Briefly, I’m envisioning how we might shift from a culture of consumption to a culture of conservation. What would a truly sustainable economy look like? What responsibilities do we bear for the well-being of future generations? What responsibilities do we bear toward Earth’s millions of other species? In a time of ecological calamity and widespread human suffering, how should we imagine a good life? A Conservationist Manifesto seeks answers to these pressing questions, and more, in writing that’s impelled by a sense of place and a sense of hope.



Look for a review of A Conservationist Manifesto in the forthcoming issue of, online September 10. Until then, read a interview with Scott Russell Sanders.