Thursday, January 04, 2007

Parque Gutiérrez Zamora in Trouble

From an email received today:

We are addressing you this letter with the intention of report you about the fate of a historical park in the city of Veracruz, Mexico. Created in 1793, this historical park named Parque Gutiérrez Zamora was part of a tropical forest that marked the entrance and the exit toward the south from the ancient city of Veracruz. This park represents the last piece of green area in our community. Unfortunately, the City Hall represented by the mayor of the city, Julen Rementeria del Puerto, is planning to build a parking in this area and to relocate, according to him, 170 trees in ridges. In this zone of centennial trees, the plants, flowers, insects, squirrels and birds will lose a part of their habitat. In fact, Parque Zamora is located in the historical town centre and it is part of the national heritage since March 1st, 2004, date of a presidential decree. The National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico has not emitted the authorization to build the parking in this protected area. We would like to know whether this information deserves a reflection in your magazine and will help to inform the readers.

Thank you for the assistance you can provide us.

Some additional or related information is available here (in Spanish), though we're afraid we don't otherwise have additional resources.

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Anonymous said...

I live in Chicago & visited Veracruz 6 times. We danced danzon
many times in Parque is
my favorite place to dance. This is
breaking my heart. We plan to go
back this year and it will make me
sick to look at the park. If I had
the money I would help start a
renovation and get people to donate
their time to help and save the trees...I have a dried leaf that
I saved from a tree...I will keep
it safe...little did I know what
a treasure I was bringing back.
Katherine Wuthrich
Vibra en mi ser